Dear Business Owner,

Do you have enough time?

Seriously ask yourself that. Don't instantly answer either, take some time and think about it. Do you have enough hours in the day to accomplish EVERTYHING that you want? Before you say yes - ask yourself these questions:

    • Do I have any projects I have been putting off due to time?
    • Could I easily increase profits if I had just a couple more hours a week?
    • Do I ever find myself rushed?
    • Do I ever have to meet strict deadlines?
    • Do i have to choose work over family?
    • Is working a strain on my relationships?
    • Could I simply use a couple more hours of "me" time per week?

Did you answer yes to any of those questions? There is a good chance you said yes to one or two of those questions. If you did , then you should consider freeing up some time out of your busy schedule.

"I'd Love To Free Up Some Time in My Busy Schedule! Who Wouldn't? The Thing Is, It Can't Be THAT Easy..."

Actually, yes it is.

It really is that EASY.

All you have to do is OUTSOURCE. If you don't have the time to do everything you want, why not off load some of those horrible, boring, mundane, repetitive tasks that take up so MUCH of your precious time!

Well I Wouldn't Even Know Where To Start When It Comes To Outsourcing!

Oh, you don't?

Well leave that to the pros! How about we answer every question you could possibly have about outsourcing with:

Go ahead and thank us now.

That might seem a bit presumptuous but even offering you this guide we are giving you a massive, business transforming tool that is geared totally towards maximizing YOUR time and YOUR profits.

If you make the no brainer move and buy this guide, you will thank us for sure. I have no doubt about it. The first time you realize that this small investment has helped you free up hundreds of hours per MONTH you will email us to say thank you. And unlike the thank you note you sent for that xmas sweater, you will mean it!

I don't think I have to sell you on what you could accomplish (work or otherwise) with that kind of time freed up so I won't waste your time ...after all we are all about saving it. With that in mind - here is a break down of what this guide will teach you:

    • Why Outsource
    • The Importance of Quick Outsourcing
    • What to Outsource
    • Overseas Outsourcing
    • Creating Manuals
    • Terms
    • How to Negotiate
    • Payment Methods
    • Finding the Right Candidate
    • Protecting Your Investment

The guide alone will have you streamlining your business and increasing profits as soon as you begin to work through it and test the outsourcing waters. If that wasn't enough, you also gain access to a high resolution printable poster that walks you through the process of hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Imagine having your own administrative assistant who was available for 40 hours a week at a fraction of the cost of an actual employee in the office? If Outsourcing didn't excite you earlier, it does now I bet!

A sample of the poster:

Is there anything else that needs to be said?

With this single purchase you receive the ultimate guide to outsourcing (a.k.a. save your butt some time) and get a free poster that teaches you how to hire a virtual assistant.

This offer will certainly be rising in price, and will be cut off at a certain point to assure this information isn't saturated. Act now or miss out forever.

Konrad Braun